Hey everyone!  Welcome to Our Tin House!  I am so excited to start this blog and have this creative outlet to document and share what is happening around Our Tin House.  Full disclosure…I am SO NERVOUS about this endeavor, but I’m also super excited! I hope someone (even if it is just our Grandma who lives a few hours away) finds enjoyment in reading this!

I came up with the name Our Tin House because we literally live in a metal/tin home.  My husband came up with this idea to have the house be a metal building that we would “finish out” as our home.  I wasn’t too keen on the idea…I had visions of a beautiful home on the hill with fancy pillars and brick or rock siding.  Tin was NOWHERE in my mind…not even for the roof! It took some convincing, and an actual to-scale model of the house built out of cardboard (God bless my husband and his patience), to reassure me it wouldn’t look like my dad’s workshop.  Finally, I was onboard!

The good thing about the way we built our house was that we could do it ourselves (and by WE, I mean my husband, dad, brothers, aunts, uncles…etc., etc.).  And, it is now a home we are so proud of and love so much because of all the time, energy, blood, sweat, tears and memories that went into making it OURS! Having such a handyman husband is a huge reason why this house feels very “made with love”…I know his hands have been a part of bringing it to life!  It is also the reason there are still things to be done, because “I can do it” comes out of his mouth every time I mention a project or something that needs to be finished. We are just living our version of “the dream” and want to share with all of you! Thanks for reading!