“From Scratch” Tin Wood Shed

I know, I know…it doesn’t get much more exciting than a wood shed!  But since there is always SOME sort of project going on around here (and usually 3,4 or 5 projects at one time) I figured I would show off the latest and greatest of my husband’s shenanigans.  

Since we moved into our house about 5 ½ years ago, there has been a giant pile of wood right outside of our yard fence.  When we needed to split some wood (and by we, I of course mean my husband…momma don’t split wood! Lol!), he would split what was needed for the moment and stack it on the porch for us to use…and then repeat all over again the next time.  Blah, blah, blah….

So…we needed a wood shed!  And by “need” I mean having this shed makes it so much easier on my husband…the wood stays dry, he can split a bunch all at once and store it, he can also store his 4-wheeler and the hydraulic wood splitter he plans to buy one day with that money tree we have in the backyard (wink, wink)…the list just goes on!  Luckily my husband is very resourceful (and I really like the rusted tin look) so he was able to build this for a whopping ZERO DOLLARS out of scrap metal and tin we had laying around the house. He literally did this in a couple days (with a little help from my brother), and I love it!

wood shed 3
Working hard! I just love the rustic look of this tin!

wood shed 2

He still has to finish up the doors/gates, but it is already a very functional space!  Just in time for this fireplace weather we have been having over the last week (although…true to Texas, the sun is shining today and the high is 76)!  And the kids think it is so fun to hang out and “work with Daddy” in the wood shed!

wood shed 4

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